Monday, October 27, 2008

Top 100 Celebrities List for Making Money Online

Hottest Celebrity List

If you read my previous article about HOW TO MAKE MONEY USING CELEBRITIES you'll LOVE this list! Here's a list of the HOTTEST 100 celebrities that are most actively searched! So if you're scratching your head, looking for the right celeb to create a tribute profile for, just pick your favorite off the list then read my other article and start making money today!

1. Tom Cruise
2. Rolling Stones
3. Oprah Winfrey
4. U2
5. Tiger Woods
6. Steven Spielberg
7. Howard Stern
8. 50 Cent
9. Cast of The Sopranos
10. Dan Brown
11. Bruce Springsteen
12. Donald Trump
13. Muhammad Ali
14. Paul McCartney
15. George Lucas
16. Elton John
17. David Letterman
18. Phil Mickelson
19. J.K. Rowling
20. Brad Pitt
21. Peter Jackson
22. Dr. Phil McGraw
23. Jay Leno
24. Celine Dion
25. Kobe Bryant
26. Michael Jordan
27. Johnny Depp
28. Jerry Seinfeld
29. Simon Cowell
30. Michael Schumacher
31. Tom Hanks
32. Rush Limbaugh
33. Denzel Washington
34. Cast of Desperate
35. Jennifer Aniston
35. Angelina Jolie
37. The Olsen Twins
38. Nicole Kidman
39. The Eagles
40. Rod Stewart
41. Shaquille O'Neal
42. Jerry Bruckheimer
43. David Beckham
44. Jessica Simpson
45. Andrew Lloyd Webber
46. LeBron James
47. Neil Diamond
48. Alex Rodriguez
49. Will Smith
50. Dick Wolf
51. Dave Matthews Band
52. Tom Brady
53. Ronaldinho
54. Jodie Foster
55. Ray Romano
56. Paris Hilton
57. Adam Sandler
58. Derek Jeter
59. Jennifer Lopez
60. Rick Warren
61. Scarlett Johansson
62. Katie Couric
63. Maria Sharapova
64. Valentino Rossi
65. Halle Berry
66. James Patterson
67. Leonardo DiCaprio
68. Kiefer Sutherland
69. Jim Carrey
70. Cameron Diaz
71. Gisele Bundchen
72. Renee Zellweger
73. Carson Palmer
74. Michelle Wie
75. Reese Witherspoon


76. Bill O'Reilly
77. Kate Moss
78. Diane Sawyer
79. Sean (Diddy) Combs
80. John Grisham
81. Rachael Ray
82. Dave Chappelle
83. Larry the Cable Guy
84. Tyra Banks
85. George Lopez
86. Regis Philbin
87. Serena Williams
88. Ryan Seacrest
89. Wolfgang Puck
90. Venus Williams
91. Annika Sorenstam
92. Matthew Broderick/
Nathan Lane
93. Mel Brooks
94. Emeril Lagasse
95. Nicole Richie
96. Heidi Klum
97. Mario Batali
98. Eric Idle/
Mike Nichols
99. Adriana Lima
100. Ty Pennington

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meet New People on Yuwie

Yuwie is just like any other social networking site. Even though they pay you for every page view it is still as much a social networking site. You can find tons of people that would like to meet you. Not everyone is just looking to make money. A lot of people on Yuwie love the atmosphere of Yuwie. In fact Yuwie might be even better than other sites, such as, Myspace because everyone on Yuwie will accept your friend request. You can meet many more people on Yuwie than Myspace.

Everyone on Yuwie needs to meet new people because only through getting new friends will you get page views. So almost every user that you friend request will accept. Many people on Yuwie are very friendly. They say Hi and thanks for the add as soon as they accept your friend request. People are always happy to talk to you because commenting them gets them a page view, but better yet they actually mean it.

Friend trains are the best way to find new friends. It is one of the only places where literally hundreds of people's add links are available. Plus you can submit your site so that people will find you. The basic idea of a friend train is simple. You add people from the train then you put your display name and link in a form. When you submit the form your name gets added to a list of people and you will get adds from users who ride the train below you.

This way you will be able to meet new people everyday and they will be finding you. You just sit back and the friend requests will roll in.

Friend trains can serve a purpose for every user on Yuwie. If you are looking to meet new people. Friend Trains have huge lists of new people for you to meet and if they are on the friend train they want you to add them. So they will want to meet you. They are perfect for people looking to make money on Yuwie. All these friend requests will get you views plus these friends will come back and give you more views. You could even add your referrals so that they get page views. When they get page views they earn money and you earn a ton of free cash every month.

The best friend train I have found for Yuwie is Yuwie Friendz.

Get Thousands of Yuwie Referrals

The fastest way to make money online with Yuwie is referrals. Everyone who is earning $100 a month or more have thousands of referrals in every level. Yuwie pays for 10 levels of referrals.

Referrals for a Yuwie can be very easily found. All you need to do is sign up for another social networking site like Takkle or Myspace. There are millions of people who use these sites. All of them are doing it for free. Takkle is a great site because it is mostly teenagers. Teens love social networking sites. If you tell them they could be paid to be on a social networking site, they will jump at the chance.

You can generate referrals very fast with these other social networking sites. The first step is getting a ton of friends. The best way to get friends for any social networking site is friend trains. You submit your user id and display name. Then you add people and other people will add you and you will be able to generate hundreds of friend requests a day. Plus all the people you friend requested. This will result in having thousands of friends very quickly. Then you can create a group in that social networking site. Check out my other article about how to create a Yuwie group.

Then you start promoting. The great thigng about Yuwie is that is almost can promote itself. Especially to people who are already on social networking sites, getting paid for every page view they get is very inviting. All you need to do is send bulletins and messages telling people about how they could paid for what they are doing right now for FREE! Plus social networking is fun and who doesn't want to get paid for having fun?

Another way of marketing is writing a few articles about Yuwie and submitting then to sites like ezinearticles and associated content. These sites can get you lots of views very on your article without very much work. You will be able to get a nice bunch of referrals from each and every article.

Also you need to tell your referrals exactly what i am telling you. In order to gets ton of cash from Yuwie you need to have referrals in every level. So tell your referrals that they need to get referrals so they can make cash. They will make a nice little bit of money and you will make BANK!

A Guide to Success on Yuwie

Social Networking has become a huge business. Myspace has 200,000,000 users. Imagine how much money is generated from advertising to all those people. Yuwie is a new type of social networking site. They earn advertising revenue then give some of it back to its users.

For every page view you receive you get a small amount of money. Every page view earns Yuwie some money so you earn some of that. They pay even for views you yourself make when changing your settings or viewing your own profile. So in order to make money with Yuwie you need to get a lot of page views.

The best way to get page views is having thousands of friends. The more friends you have the more views you will get. Yuwie has many clubs that allow you to add a ton of people. A great thing about Yuwie is that everyone wants to be your friend because it will everyone will benefit from being your friend.

The best way to get friends for any social networking site is yuwie friend trains. Friend trains present your link to thousands of potential friends. You also add tons of people from the big list on the train. When you add them they will add you. Friend trains can benefit Yuwie even more than any other friend train. You will get many more adds and every user you request will accept you.

Basically a friend train is a site where you first add the people in the list. Then submit your user id and your display name. Your name will then appear in the list and people will add you. You can see how this will generate everyone who rides the train a ton of friends which means a ton of page views and a ton of cash!

Referrals are also are key to making cash on Yuwie. Yuwie pays you for 10 levels of referrals. You get paid for every page view your first, second, third and so on referrals get. So the more referrals you have the more free page views you will get.

Yuwie clubs are another great way of getting tons of friends and views. If you start a very popular group you, as the owner, will get lots of views and people will add you.

Yuwie has a page where Yuwie users put the layouts they have created. Everytime someone views your layout you will get credit for that page view. Layouts can make you money on Yuwie in and of themselves. The simplest and cleanest layouts, which are also the easiest to make, are the layouts that are used the most.


Many users make hundreds of dollars every month with Yuwie. They do it with friend trains and referrals. Every user that makes this kind of cash has referrals in every level. As well as having thousands and thousands of friends.

The best friend train I have found is Yuwie Friendz. You add people on the list above you and then submit your display name and user id. With this train you can get 100's of friend requests a day because everyone below you will friend request you.

Yuwie Clubs Can Double Your Yuwie Income!

Yuwie is a social networking site that pays you. Now it is a social networking site so people on Yuwie are social. One of the ways they

are social is through clubs. Yuwie has clubs of every different topic you can think of. Many clubs have over 10,000 members.

Unfortunately Yuwie does not pay the club owner for the page views the club generates. However, a club can greatly increase the page views of the club creator. The club

shows the club creator. A lot of people will add the club owner and many times the owner asks the people who join the group to add him. If you are the owner of a club that has

many thousand users that leads to thousands of friends and thousands of views.

So clubs can be a great assest in making money online with Yuwie. Starting a club is actually a very simple process. The top of the

Yuwie toolbar has a link called clubs. When you click on that tab it will take you to the clubs homepage. On the right side it says start a group.

Once you click on start a club it will take you to the page where you have to give all the information. The page has:

Country,State/Province,City-This is pretty explantory. They just want you to put a country, state and city where your club is. You can totally make this up.
Club Name- This is where you name your club. Name the club so people can figure out what the club is about.
Category- This is a drop down menu where you put what category the club is in. Just figure out which category best fits your club.
Short Description- This is what people will see when they are browsing clubs. Make it short, sweet and to the point.
Long Description- This is what people will see once they go to your group page.
Tags- These are used for searching. When someone searches for a keyword if you have it listed as one of your tags you will show up. So if you have a club about baseball


make the tags: baseball, sports, MLB etc.
Club Header- This is basically the content of the group
Club URL- This is the URL where you can find your club
Club Moderator- This is a person who helps you moderate the club. However, they don't have any control over club settings
Club Permissions- These are the permissions of who can see and do what in your club.

Once you have set all that stuff hit create club and your club will be started.

Now all you have to do is promote your club. You can send club invitations to people on their profile.

You can use Yuwie Friendz to get lots of friends to invite to your club.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Referrals Make Money Online Easily | Make Tons of Cash With Yuwie Referrals

The key to making Yuwie not only fun but PROFITABLE comes down to the following things –
1. Your Avatar
2. Your Yuwie Page
3. Your Referrals

Yuwie pays you for every page view that you get. If you depend solely on the page views you get you might make a few bucks a month. However, with referrals you could make $50, $100, even $200+ a MONTH. Yuwie pays for 10 levels of referrals. Most users who have thousands for referrals make hundreds a month with little or no work.

Referrals are key to making money money online with Yuwie. If you get 5000 views a month you might earn $.03. Now imagine if you have 1000 1st level referrals all getting 5000 views. Then if you have 1000 second level referrals and 1000 third level referrals and so on. This is how you can make hundreds with Yuwie. To summarize – the more referrals you get, the less work you have to do. In fact, many people make hundreds a month without even logging onto Yuwie!

Now it is not enough for you to just refer people. You need to get your referrals to refer people so that you can earn even more. This means you need to explain the same thing I am explaining to you now, to your referrals. You need to make sure that you have referrals in all 10 levels. Encourage them to refer more people and they will make money and you will make BANK!

They easiest way to get referrals is through other social networking sites like Takkle and Myspace. These sites allow you to promote to tons of people. Plus because Yuwie is a social networking site you will be talking to be who would be interested. To make it even better you can tell them that they could be making money for every page view they have. They could be getting paid for what they are doing for free and for fun. Who doesn't want to make money for having fun?

Then you need them to get views. So what you do is tell them about yuwie friend trains. These sites allow you to gets hundreds of Yuwie friends every day. The more friends your referrals have the more views they will get and you will make tons of cash!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Make Money on Yuwie| Referrals and Friends Will Make The Cash Flow!

You make money on Yuwie based on the number of page views you and your referrals get each month. Referrals and page views are the way to make money from Yuwie.

Referrals are people you invite to join Yuwie using your link. You make money for 10 levels of referrals page views. The best place to get referrals are on social networking sites like Takkle and Myspace. People would love to join when they find out the can be paid for what they are already doing. Some people have hundreds of thousands of friends on Myspace. They would be happy to join a site that will pay them for all the page views they are getting.

All you have to do is tell them they could be making money for every page view you have.

But you are really making money through the page views you and your referrals get. The best way to get page views is having lots and lots of friends. If you have thousands of friends and they each view your profile once a day that’s 30,000 a month. The key to getting friends is Yuwie Trains. You add your display name and your user id. Then you are added to a list of people that will add you. These trains can get you 100's of adds a day, which is also hundreds of views a day.

Once you have these friends you need to have something on your profile that will make them come back and give you more views. You could put a funny video on your site or write a great blog. Everytime they view this thing you will get another page view which means more money.

Try to get as many friend as possible and try to get as many of those friends as possible to view your page regularly. Reply to all your comments and interact with other users.

So they key to making money online with Yuwie is friendz and referrals. The key to referrals is other social networking sites. Telling people about how they could be making money for exactly what they are already doing for nothing. The key to more and more and more friendz is Yuwie Trains. Add your Yuwie profile often. Do these two things and watch the money roll in each month. The best Yuwie Train is Yuwie Friendz. You can get hundreds of friends a day! You can read more about riding friends train with this article about How to Ride Friend Trains.